Five Aspects That Make Anonymous Poker A Trend

Five Aspects That Make Anonymous Poker A Trend

Proof of address, such as a utility bill, bank account details or ID verification are among the most common things you have to provide if you want to use certain services over the Internet – online poker makes no exception either. But then, it seems stealth and anonymous poker gains more and more notoriety. It is confusing at the moment, but the trend seems to keep going and target more and more portals.

Stealth poker versus anonymous poker

Stealth poker is not anonymous. Basically, many large poker platforms have implemented the stealth mode, which allows strangers to join a table. Normally, you could see information about other users and their statistics – a helpful option for good players willing to hunt inexperienced players and target their money. These days, big names in the industry have brought in stealth testing (many of them as a trial) to reduce such savage behaviors.

Anonymous poker, on the other hand, gives the user full control over their actions. To play stealth poker, you will still have to sign up and verify your identity. In anonymous poker, you can join a table without having to register or provide specific documentation. You can also make payments via cryptocurrencies, so no one can track you down. It is safe, secure and fully private – this is the kind of experience Torpoker has come up with. The trend will most likely see many other portals following Torpoker’s example.

A safer environment for your money

There have been instances in the past when large gambling websites were hacked. Sure, they are insured and most people get their money back, but imagine having a few hundreds in your account to login and see your account is empty – especially before a day with no plans whatsoever, but poker. When hackers gain access to your banking and personal details, things can get even further though. Such issues may also affect your banking status, email and other password protected accounts.

With anonymous poker, all these issues become history. You do not have to sign up and you do not need to enter any personal details.

Restrictions associated with Gamstop

Gamstop is a British authority for locals – sign up with it and the authority will pass your details to all gambling websites. Try to register and you will be instantly banned. It is a great option for those who feel like they have an addiction, but things can get back to normal and you can still enjoy poker as an occasional game – not necessarily for the money, but for the feeling and entertainment. Getting off the Gamstop list could be a challenge though.

When playing anonymous poker, Gamstop is no longer relevant. Again, this authority is available in the UK only.

Better experiences for inexperienced players

Imagine being an inexperienced player. Your table is then targeted by a professional who will take everyone’s money, just because they can see some details and stats about you. Many good players choose tables based on the users already there. With anonymous poker, you end up against a team of random people. Good players will have to try harder to win money, while inexperienced players will lose their time over long periods of time, meaning they are likely to come back.

Everyone benefits from anonymous poker at this point – portals for having people coming back and players for enjoying a less frustrating environment.

Quick deposits and withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals are almost instant when playing anonymous poker, especially if you use cryptocurrencies. There are no accounts to store your money in. Instead, you deposit money before the game and you get the leftovers back when the game is over – if any left. If you win, the money will go back to you. Using cryptocurrencies will also provide a feeling of anonymity, which makes the experience even better.

Not a fully anonymous experience

While playing against strangers ensures a fully anonymous experience, most anonymous portals – such as Torpoker – also allow renting private servers in an anonymous manner. You can then tell your friends about these servers and enjoy friendly games with your buddies. While you know who you play against, the experience is still private and safe.


Bottom line, anonymous poker is certainly a thing these days. There are a few websites out there that have opened the path towards this experience and it keeps getting better and better. Sooner or later, most people will opt for full anonymity and quick transactions, rather than have their money and details exposed.